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Art Glass Flaming Chalices

A symbol of  Unitarian Universalists.  From UUA.org, "The chalice and the flame were brought together as a Unitarian symbol by an Austrian artist, Hans Deutsch, in 1941." 

                  Art Glass with Chalice's in  Designs

I am Al Wambach.  My art forms are created using glass, both conventional stained glass and fused glass.  With stained glass, individual pieces of glass are connected by soldering with lead/tin solders.  Fused glass, has the glass joined by melting at 1500OF in a kiln with computer controls to slowly cool and anneal the previously melted glass.  This results in a single piece of glass with designs, colors and other inclusions.

I work with both techniques, using the brilliance of glass, and my designs to create art.  When I apply ART to chalice's, I get to express a number of ideas and concepts.  The piece below hangs in my breakfast area of my home.  I would love to share the art side of my work with you, if you have a place for them. 

The geometry of the piece below, is based upon the ancient concept of the Golden Ratio (alternatively the golden proportion, golden mean, golden section, golden number, divine proportion, f, sectio divina, or mean and extreme ratio.)  This provides a aesthetically pleasant separation of spaces. 

The image on the left is our partner church, in Varfalva.  If you have pictures of your partner church or even your own church, I would be happy to make a stained glass image of it.  This one is sized 18" wide and 22" high.


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